Top 10 Plumbing Emergency Tips

It might sometimes happen that the flush mechanism of the toilet may fail. If this happens, the water from the tank may run continuously, or the toilet will flush now and again on its own. To stop this, you have to turn off the water supply using the valve which may be located behind the toilet near the floor. The problem can be fixed by simply adjusting the flush mechanism, or you may have to replace the entire flush mechanism.

Clogged sink also poses a problem once in a while. To unclog a sink you have to use a cup plunger. This plunger is different from the one used in the toilet. These types of plungers are available in various sizes; the smaller ones for the sinks and the larger ones are best for showers and bathtubs; these ones are dark coloured with a wide rim. The plunger has to be placed over the drain and by pumping several times you create a vacuum. The suction created by the vacuum will loosen the clog, and the water will start flowing.

You should remember that a leaky faucet means a lot of water going down the drain adding to your water bill unnecessarily. Therefore as soon as you discover a faucet leaking, arrange to repair it immediately. However, the first thing that you should do when you find out a leaky faucet is to turn off the water supply to the concerned faucet. The sink’s shut off valve is generally located under the vanity or the cabinet. Similarly, if the bathtub faucet leaks, the shut-off valve for the bathtub is located behind an access panel behind the tub’s faucet. If your tub has taps with a double handle you have to determine which handle is responsible for the leak and turn it off. But when you replace the faucet, you have to turn off both the valves.

If you find that the washing machine is running water even after the basket has completely filled, you can assume that the washing machine is malfunctioning. You have to shut off the water supply valves. The supply valves can be found either on the hoses behind the washer or behind an access panel mounted on the wall. If you find that there is a water problem in the washing machine turn off the water supply as well as the electric supply.

During the cold season, it is generally a panic time for the homeowner. This is due to water freezing in the pipe resulting in bursting of pipes. The home is exposed to the risk of going without water if this happens. You have to wrap the exposed pipes with electric pads or insulate them in such a way that they are not prone to freezing. You can deal with the frozen water in the pipe inside the home with a hairdryer. When you thaw the pipes near the sink, you have to keep the faucet open in order to let the thawed water to flow out. But when you use the hairdryer, you should use it depending on the type of piping you have.

Even with all the knowledge of plumbing, you should keep contact numbers of a few plumbers handy. You may be able to take care of a few plumbing issues once in a while, but you never know when you might need the advice of a professional plumber.