How to Make an Adventurer’s Day Pack and Survival Kit

Camping and outdoor activities can generate a great variety of interests for many individuals. For a lot of folks, those activities often involve camping, hunting, and fishing. And as a result, at some point or another, most people ask that what if question: What if I get stranded for a night? Or, what if I get lost for a night? Well here’s a simple solution, a daypack survival kit that can be constructed for less than $50.00.

Building the Night Time Survival kit

What I have in my personal overnight survival kit? It’s a rather small affair that lends itself to the kind of handiness I need on many of my treks to the woods. This survival kit literally travels everywhere with me. It is with me on my morning and evening treks to the woods while hunting. And it travels with me to the lakes in the summer for fishing trips. It even travels with me when I take the family camping.

From my point of view there are a couple of things that are important about such a kit. It should provide the following at the very least:

* A way to make fire.
* A way to make shelter.
* A source of water for several days.
* And at least one method for procuring food.

Having More Than One Method to Start a Survival Fire is Important

Fire means warmth and often protection from the elements, especially in cold climates. Secondly, it provides a means of cooking food should you be stranded long enough that you need to do so.

So what do I have in my kit for starting a fire? It’s a good idea to have more than one method on hand, and you can see from this kit that I have three methods. This kit includes a set of matches, a lighter, and a magnesium fire starter. Inside the black can next to the matches is a gob of cotton balls smeared with petroleum jelly, an excellent fire starting medium, just add flame!

Making a Survival Shelter with Items from the Survival Kit

Shelter is often an important part of a survival situation. The kit provides the basic tools for building such a shelter. You’ll notice a hand axe that can be used not only as a cutting tool but as a hammering tool as well. In addition there is about ten foot of cotton rope and a rolled up 55 gallon trash bag. With a little creativity these items, in conjunction with natural materials, can be used to make a serviceable shelter that will protect you from damp, cold weather.

A Source of Water In the Survival Situation

The human body can manage about three days without water. So if you are expecting an extended stay in your unexpected retreat, it’s a good idea to find a source of water. It’s an even better idea to bring some with you. Notice that my kit includes a rather shiny looking water bottle (It’s a new addition that I intend to paint flat black very soon.), and water purification tablets, available at any Wal-Mart store.

Food for the Survival Kit

Since the kit is really only intended as an emergency kit for overnight use, it is rather small for carrying much in the way of grub. However, there is in general enough room for me to pack one mre meal pack if I need it. In addition, the black canister contains a simple fishing kit (about 30 feet of ten pound test line, a bobber, and a few hooks).

A Final Look at the Day Pack/Survival Kit

The kit shown is a simple affair. Larger versions of this kit can be made using larger packs. Kits of such nature can often be constructed to support a single person for several days to several weeks. Take an inventory of what items you may find desirable for your kit and then select a bag appropriately. The military messenger bag is perfect for my personal needs.